CL MEET 2021

The Contingent Leader Meet for Kaleidoscope 2021 took place on the 28th of November virtually on the zoom platform. The mellow and soothing tunes of music filled the meet as more and more people started joining in and found themselves basking in the joy, that is Prateek Kuhad’s voice.

Once everybody was in, the EC took charge by introducing everybody to this year’s theme, ‘The Indie Imprint’, explaining the significance of it and unleashed the beauty of it by making it ‘open to interpretation’ where one could have their own creative freedom and liberty for the diverse forms that the vast topic carried within itself.

Question after question popped up in the chat box and it was truly commendable to see how quickly the EC’s as well as various teams were able to clarify everyone’s query.

Team Security took the lead in elucidating the schedule of the event to the CL’s, followed by Team Despatch who brought clarity by explaining the many rules and regulations and making sure that everybody’s questions were thoroughly answered.

After Team Technicals gave an overview of the basic technicality measures that were to be followed, one event team after another came up to brief the audience about the various events that were going to take place, successfully garnering their attention towards events like For Better or For Verse, The Informally Formal Movie Premier, Blues Muse, which started another interesting round of Q&A session.

The highlight of the day was definitely Team Pre-scope who in the midst of this all waltzed into our laptop screens and swept us off our feet by announcing a fun event, (prepare yourself purple bloods) a live session with BTS coffee!!! A super exciting Instagram live that would be hosted and would have all questions related to our very own number one billboard and two times Grammy nominated artists. But that’s not all, what perked everyone’s interest was that (LITERALLY SQUEALING AS WE SPEAK) the winner of the event would win a pearl necklace worn by one of the members!!!

It’s safe to say that despite a few glitches and occasional nudges from family member’s behind the screen, (that’s desi household for you besties) the CL meet for the year 2021 was a great success!

But, but, what’s a tree without its roots? After the meet was over, all the teams for this year’s fest stayed back and did the famous boom snap clap! chant after almost two whole years and ended the day with their hearts feeling incredibly full and matching wide smiles plastered onto each other's faces.

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