Kscope Horoscope

The Kscope Oracles have spoken! The time is nigh for predictions from high, the planets are favourable and internet connections strong! We will tell you to which event you most belong, your talents glistening like jewels in the moonlight. Find your Zodiac and see what your future holds.


The full moon in Gemini on the 18th of December is auspicious for your driven and goal-oriented personality. Do you wish to talk about what you most believe in by participating in our ‘Rebel with a Cause: What's your Cause?’ or communicate your brazen flair by burning up the virtual dance floor? Either way, your enthusiastic spirit is confirmed by the planets so that you have a cosmically great time!


As Venus goes into Capricorn on the 19th of December, it is time to bring practicality into beauty. Being the gorgeous venetians that you are, does fashioning outfits out of recycled materials appeal to your creative nature? Or does making mind blowing makeup looks with a movie’s aesthetic more your thing? Any event you choose, you are sure to leave your mark of grace.


The full moon on the 18th of December is in your own sign Gemini! Your knack for creativity and emotion is higher than usual. Embrace this opportunity by indulging in some Beat poetry or, if you're really in the mood for a challenge (and we know you Geminis always are), maybe communicating your unique spirit through song is something you would love. All in all, your innovation will leave its mark whatever you try your hand at!


Venus shifting into Capricorn on the 19th of December helps bring your inner beauty outside as well! Your Lunar nature means your penchant for creation will be at the forefront at this time, so let your feelings flow! Act out a scene from your favourite indie film or create a vintage edit to show us how you feel. Remember, your sensitivity is your strength!


Being the born performers that you are, you deserve the spotlight Leo! Mercury’s connection with Jupiter makes it the best time to throw yourself into song and sing us an indie song you love. Your competitive nature also means you could try your hand at a game of ‘Finish the lyrics’ and challenge yourself! Or perhaps, oration draws you in better

and tell us how and why are you a rebel!


The Sun’s connection with Jupiter makes it the perfect time for you to teach others a thing or two! Being the intellectual that you are, it wouldn’t be fair if you didn’t participate in our ‘True Indie soul’ quiz! If that isn’t quite up your alley, then blackout poetry may reveal what you see in words that maybe others don’t. Keep up your indie spirit Virgos, and tell us what you know!


Diplomacy and being socially conscious requires asking important questions and getting similar answers. So we urge you to attend the ‘Freedom of speech and its costs’ talk to catch up with what's going on. Venus’ connection with Pluto lights up the artist in you and we suggest any of the fine arts events especially the ‘Digital poster making

competition’, to really let your artistry shine!


You might believe that by December your sign’s season is over, but that doesn’t snuff out your intense spark! Pluto’s connection with Venus makes beauty and art into your weapon of choice. So wield them well by creating a Surreal painting on paper or digitally. If pizazz is what you’re looking for then participate in ‘100 years of Queer history’ and show us what you've got!


This is your season Sagittarius! Your freedom loving and happy-go-lucky nature has no bounds. The oracles know that whatever they suggest you’ll just end up doing what you want. So we suggest you try out EVERY EVENT Kscope has to offer to appreciate your season. However, we're weak, hoping to see you breaking into dance to a

medley of our all time fav indie tracks!


Your season is dawning forward after the 19th of December, Capricorns! Inaugurate it appropriately through winding down and creating poetry whether that be making Triptychs or performing beat poetry. If subtlety isn’t you then welcome your season with a bang by putting on your dancing shoes and dance to some great indie tracks, and give the Sagittarius a tough competition :)


Your innovative and individualistic nature needs showing off! So we suggest you give it all you got by showing us your unique style in ‘100 years of Queer history’. You have a humanitarian and socially conscious side as well which warrants celebration and is perfect to ‘Recycle outfits out of old clothing’ or maybe a talk with (resource persons)

at ‘Freedom of speech and its costs’ if that's more up your alley.


Your Neptunian dreaminess makes you perfect for the arts! Let your creativity flow by participating in any and all of our fine arts events or acting out your favourite indie movie scenes. Because of the Sun’s connection with Jupiter, self expression is key to anything that you try your hand at, so don’t forget to put a little bit of ‘you’ in all your work because that's what the indie spirit is all about!

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