One Step Forward

One can’t determine what takes place in the future. We can’t know what society will be like, but what we as a generation can do, is mould a path for a better future. These are the people who shatter the glass ceiling in ways previously considered impossible. They openly and fearlessly speak out about the horrible things that people usually turn a blind eye to. These humans are not only hopeful but more importantly they are determined to bring forth a better future.

Therefore our interpretation of the term ‘Humans of the Future’ is people who shape/define in the times ahead by making changes to their now. In this digital age it goes without saying that you don’t need a groundbreaking scientific discovery to bring about viable change (though that does help), a cleverly worded tweet can do the deed. The most inspiring thing about them is how sometimes they work selflessly for a future they may or may not be able to see.

This year the theme for kaleidoscope is - In Future Tense, we thought that we should go around asking our fellow Sophians, who they think is a ‘human of the future’ and this is what they said!

I think Priyanka Chopra has made a really huge impact on our future, as it is she is already making a huge impact as a women of our generation and is very empowering.”

-Beth Alvah, FYBA

I think Daddy Yankee and Michael Fonzi are [humans of the future] because they wrote a song which was in Spanish, a huge population of the world has no idea what Spanish is,[they] do not even understand the language, do not even know the meaning of the song, yet everybody danced to it, everybody connected to it. Nobody cared ki kaunsa nationality, kaunsa religion, gender, nothing. Anyone, everyone and everybody, like you know, would listen to the song and start dancing to it. It’s like they connected that way, you know.”

-Ipshita Gogoi,FYBMM

“I believe that the future belongs and it is being created by people our age because we are the ones who have futuristic ideas and we are basically the future and ya, this is why we are humans of the future.”

-Sasha D’Souza,FYBA

I think Greta Thunberg is a Human of the Future because of the initiative that she has taken to make sure that the government makes climate change one of their top priorities. She is just sixteen and is doing more for the climate than our politicians are. She is making the future a better place.”

-Anushka Mukherjee,FYBA

“I think BTS are Humans of the Future. This is because they use their music to spread the message of self love. They also work with the UN to spread awareness about mental illness.”

-Meghna Saxena, FYBA

“I think that every individual is a Human of the Future because everybody, personally, is working towards their own better future. All of this worked up together will of course will create better futuristic world. So every person, for me, is a Human of the Future.”

-Somali Dutta, FYBA

“Elon Musk, because he cares about the environment and he is doing things that will actually bring a change and he is raising awareness[about the environment]. He created the Tesla which is an amazing car, which does not need petrol and hence does not cause any pollution. Elon Musk is amazing and I think he is a human of the future.”

-Aaliya Sachar, FYBA

“According to me a human of the future would be Malala because right now the world needs peace and I think she is an icon of peace and education. Peace and education go hand-in-hand and are correlated.”

-Debatri Gupta, TYBA

“Can I be real with you for a second? It’s us. We are the leaders/humans of the future.”


“Oh, according to me, Artists like The 1975 and all. They're changing the landscape of music, completely. They're selling out shows and albums, but they've stuck to their roots, and even after multiple platinum records, their music is still, at the core of it, what we all need at the moment - sociocultural dialogue about what we're doing as a society and where we're going.”

-Anushka Barua, FYBA

We all could go on and on about the people making a difference around the world in it’s various fields, but what I draw from this is that, anyone can bring about change. You, your family, your friends - ANYONE.

We need not do something “big”. It’s the “small” things that are revolutionary. When you speak up against a sexist comment, you are a human of the future. If you are the first person from your family to graduate, you are a human of the future. If you protest against climate change, you are a human of the future.

WE are the Humans of the Future.

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