Throwback To-

Kaleidoscope is undoubtedly, one of the most awaited events that a student studying at Sophia’s looks forward to; it encompasses everything from exciting events to great food, from quirky judges to fascinating stalls - it is, in fact, all that a college student would imagine a fest could be. Several flagship events continue to be crowd favorites; moments like the ceremonial roasting of the participant and the audience during JAM, the crowning of Mr and Ms K, the final runway of the fashion show and DJs battling it out in the Bhabha Hall. Apart from these constants, every day of Elimination Week ends with the chorus of “Boom Snap Clap” echoing through the corridors, filling us with excitement and enthusiasm for the days to come.

Kaleidoscope has come a long way from what it was initially imagined. It started in 1985, opening its gates to other colleges, and it steadily grew into one of the most popular festivals in Mumbai. Our themes have varied over the years too - 1985, had ‘Kscope Academic’; a decade later, in 1995, ‘A Web of Intricate Illusions’ was the new theme, whereas recently we have shifted our focus to wider variety of ideas ranging from Cinema (It’s Showtime!, 2017) to creating our own planet

(Dreamskape, 2018).

Of course, organizing a large scale event comes with its own set of issues. What if people don’t participate in events? What if we don’t have an efficient workforce? What about security? Catering? Where will the girls practice for the shows?

The college’s all female workforce rose to the occasion, and it continues to do so every year, with each team bustling around to make this well-loved festival work. After all, putting up a grand city- level festival takes an entire year of dedicated effort from everyone - the Executive Coordinators, Team Reps, Coordinators, Assistant Coordinators and Volunteers alike - showcasing the true spirit of the festival. A kaleidoscope of talent, effort and creativity coming together to build something beautiful, something that everyone can marvel at.

And that is why, the theme this year, is of utmost importance. We imagine Kaleidoscope as all that it is, all that it can be, full of untapped potential, showcasing everything we’ve wanted to accomplish. We’re starting a journey into the future, reaching out into a void and grasping what’s ours.

The future is here. The future is now.

All in? Say aye.

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