Welcome to the Future ―Technology That Will Change The Way We Live

In his book I, Robot. visionary writer Isaac Asimov imagines a 21st century where humans and androids live and work together. Written between 1940 and 1950, the theme of the novel mainly centres around the interaction of humans and technology. Fast forward to 2019, and while we may not be having coffee with our AI counterparts just yet, the unprecedented breakthroughs in science and technology make it seem like such a future may not be so far behind.

From Interplanetary travel, self-driving cars, there are several ground-breaking inventions under study that will change the social fabric of the future, and push humanity to its furthest technological limit. Here’s our list of 6 inventions that will change the way we live:

1) Space Tourism: While movies like Interstellar and Gravity show how travelling to outer space is no child’s play, humanity’s fascination with recreational space travel is alive and well. The last decade has seen immense effort by both public and private enterprises into developing space tourism programmes, with many false starts.

However, 2019 seems to be the year when recreational space travel finally becomes a reality.

Private Space exploration companies like Virgin Galactic, SpaceX, and even Amazon’s

planetary exploration programme Blue Origin seem to have a no-holds-barred approach

when it comes to capturing the market for space tourism.

2) 3-D Bioprinting: The invention of 3-D printing has been one of the most significant breakthroughs in the recent decade. This new technology opens innumerable doors towards solving some of the greatest problems that plague humanity.

Bioprinting, or more specifically, printing of human tissues and organs can provide for the safe treatments of patients without the risk of complications and rejection from the body. Bioprinting aims at improving healthcare by allowing professionals the possibility to print organs like kidneys, livers, etc. It is not just a step towards creating a safer and more accessible healthcare alternative, but also hopefully put an end to the black market of organ donation.

3) Planetary Colonization: In vein with our first entry, it’s time to return to space. Here’s the thing, folks―climate change is real. We’ve been wreaking havoc on earth for a long time, so much so that’s the planet is dangerously close to it’s natural breaking point. In view of that, the development of technology that will allow us to make homes out of other planets seems to be the need of the hour.

Even if we don’t destroy our planet, we may very well outgrow it someday. Nasa has already started funding programmes that look into developing the tools required for living in other planets. One of the notable examples is the 3-D Printed Habitat Challenge, where competitors are expected to come up with innovative and sustainable space mission ideas and efficient solutions to the housing problem on Earth.

4) Artificial Intelligence: Although not exactly a new technology, AI is something that garners equal parts intrigue and skepticism. While most people agree that AI will pretty much the cornerstone of our future, many doubts whether the reality will truly be beneficial for humanity.

AI involves Deep Learning whereby it allows machines to process data and perform complex function by themselves. Integration of AI into our daily lives can make life significantly simpler. Presently, experts are looking to incorporate AI into healthcare to diagnose illnesses. Integration of AI into public transportation is also under consideration, in order to build a sophisticated transport system that is both efficient and environment friendly.

5) Hyper-Fast Trains: A trip from Andheri to Mumbai Central, on a good day, takes thirty odd minutes. But what if it was possible to make the same trip in under 5?

Hyperloop, an Elon Musk backed company plans to do just that, by creating a line of high-speed underground transport system. The same is being currently tested in the United States, and the results have been nothing to scoff at. Hyper-fast trains that can go underground (and someday, even underwater!) has the power to not just revolutionize public transport, but even international travel. Soon we’ll be able to travel to a different country, in the same time it currently takes to travel to different parts of town.

While the above-mentioned inventions, if they succeed will change the way humans live, we have only just begun to scratch the surface. Every single day there are technological breakthroughs that have the power to completely alter the reality that we know. We may not know how things will change, but we can see when, and it doesn’t seem to be that far into the future. Radical change is right around the corner. Only thing left to answer is how humanity will respond and embrace those chances in the future tense.

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